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Current U.S. Mail: 33 Scott Street A303

Utica, New York 13501


Pursuing Righteousness Through Acts of Faith, Love, Peace & Justice


President and Chief Volunteer OfficerGerald Lombardo

Director of Programs -  John Phillips



We provide Professional Services to Senior and Disabled People which are free to those who can’t afford to pay for them. Contributions are accepted from those who can afford them (in support of those who can not).


Professional Advocacy Services - we provide professional help to people who are having trouble with a wide range of problems and issues - from Social Services issues to disputes with Landlords. From Insurance Claims to Medical Services [Coordination and Support].... ALL FREE to those who cannot afford them.

We are fully not for profit.

The Director of Programs (and very few other limited positions) will cycle into partially paid positions, in the future, as necessary and practical, but All help or personnel today are volunteers - up to and including the Founder, Chief Volunteer and President. He has never, nor ever will - take any financial gain from the revenues of Yes! We Deliver, Inc. Members of The Board of Directors are also volunteers - all of whom are strictly unpaid, un-reimbursed, dedicated volunteers from the communities we serve. Make no mistake: we are people helping people.

Other Programs and Services?

Grocery Shopping and Delivery- people call with a list of groceries in the morning and our volunteers shop for the food and then deliver it to the person’s home. For those who cannot afford a fee or donation - its free. It’s that simple.  No gimmicks - the bills are paid by local churches, businesses and the grocery stores themselves and the people who can afford to contribute.

Computers for Kids+(Plus!) program - we get computer parts donated from people locally and across the country - build great computers - and place them for free in homes of kids whose parent (s) simply couldn’t afford to have one any other way -

We also work to insure Internet service, teaching and continuing support. The +(Plus!) stands for Senior Citizens and Disabled Citizens who also simply cannot afford a computer.


Specialized Transportation - again - seniors, disabled - parents with children - who have no realistic way of paying someone to take them to a doctor but need both a ride and maybe some help... our volunteers take folks door to door. There may be a small user fee in the start up of this service - and again, those who can afford to contribute - will - to help those who can not…  Understand, though,  It is Not a Taxi-Service for many practical and legal reasons.


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We have a New, Innovative, Computer Education Program for Youth - in development:


Eight Week Intervention, Computer Building, and Learning Seminar.

Youth that qualify - will have good reading/writing skills, will be highly motivated, and will have close support from interested family members or concerned parenting figures.

Thumbnail Outline:

Youth will be referred to the program from local Judges, Youth Counselors, Clergy, Neighbors, even Family members; all appropriate referrals will be accepted and considered regardless of who makes them, their form, or their content.

These young candidates will have:

1. Good Reading/Writing Skills (not great, or excellent - but clearly good enough for practical applications.

2. NO ‘Kicking & Screaming’ referrals. Youth MUST be MOTIVATED and WANT to change.

3. Youth will need to be involved with, or willing to participate in, ‘Big Brother’ ‘Compeer’ and other ‘Mentor’ types of  relationship/programs. We want every kid to have all the support and direction he or she will need to succeed.]

4. Supervision and cooperation from the parent/guardian must, AT LEAST, be minimal. We will not set these kids up to fail.

Accepted candidates will attend a twelve week seminar - series of classes and ‘labs’ where they will be involved in a variety of activities, including:

Weekly Group Counseling Sessions - current events, personal issues, goals, will all be explored - relating to the program and its impact on each individual and the group. We hope and expect kids will take these skills, and ways of dealing with issues, [plus the actual tools and hardware!] with them far beyond the classroom, and end, of the seminars programs. We aim and hope for these youngsters to continue helping and supporting each other into adulthood and their own careers and businesses in the future. And we’ll be there with them! Yes! We Deliver, Inc.

Weekly Classroom Computer Education - Theory and Practice


Essential materials will be distributed and covered [taught], in detail. Time will be taken with each student at their own individual pace and level of skills.

Weekly Building Workshop -This is where the students will actually get to physically, (and completely) build their own personal desktop computer. Each youth will be supplied with the parts, know how, and supervised assistance to build his or her own, top of the line, Desktop PC for their home.

All costs covered by Yes! We Deliver, Inc. [Made possible through the personal donations of facilities, parts, transportation services, and more -  by local business, organizations and contributions from public and private sources.

Candidates will be encouraged to explore different ways they can take more than the PC and instruction with them - to continue working on and changing their own lives and futures. They will be encouraged to explore different aspects of using these new skills (and Hardware!) to open and operate small businesses of their own - be it PC repair, or photography, or searching for (and finding) other entrepreneurial avenues to better themselves; and, someday, do for others - what we are attempting to do for them.

 Our aim is to change lives, with good planning, minimal resources and the Grace of God. We are not a religious organization - but we don’t hide the fact that we believe God, and His Grace, changes lives… not us.


Yes! We Deliver

Yes! We Deliver, Inc. Will Resume its **Free Grocery Shopping & Delivery to Seniors and Disabled People on Utica’s East Side This Winter! 2006


Computers For Kids+(Plus!) Program will greatly expand in 2007


Free Professional Advocacy will continue and we look forward launching our new transportation program early in 2007


“**The Small Print”:


**Free - To All Who Cannot Afford A Nominal $5 donation. No tricks or gimmicks - if you can’t afford the $5 - it’s free and our pleasure to help. Any donations that are accepted go directly to help cover the costs of these deliveries.


***For those who can afford to pay for the services - we accept small donations to help cover costs for deliveries to those who cannot afford it. ($5 is suggested - up to $10 accepted) - {larger donations are accepted but must be arranged with The Secretary and Treasurer}


****Additionally, For those who cannot afford it - we partner with, and are supported, by Local Grocery Stores, like Tops, who gladly donates $2.50 towards each delivery to those who cannot afford it.


*****These Programs and Services are also provided through dedicated volunteers, and supported through private, independent donations from public and private sources in our community.


******Future revenues from will also directly support these, and other, services. Please support the site and its sponsors. They support you.



A Non-Profit Corporation Dedicated To Helping Those Who Cannot Help Themselves


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