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Sometimes huge faceless charities seem to take a little out of the spirit of giving and the warmth it gives to our hearts. Giving becomes perfunctory. An obligation that is satisfying, but has become widely impersonal. Foreign Countries, Homeless in Osh Kosh, Refugees, Feed the Children...and Please Don't Misunderstand.... Programs that feed children are nothing poke at - no good cause is...and I am not suggesting that 'Our Cause' is more important or better in any way than ones mentioned or those not.

I will tell you that your gifts and pledges will benefit children right here in Rome, New York. We work quietly and discreetly, put your contribution - be it a computer, a set of books, two weeks at summer camp, a membership to the YMCA - to work. It will be handled personally and thoughtfully. You will have a choice in what kind of wish or assistance you want to connect with.... look over the list or make a suggestion of your own. (For example, one local business paid the tuition for a bright young man to go to parochial school. The boy’s father works hard, but just couldn't afford it. In this case the extra attention from the school will make the difference between College and a dead end job.

Computers are popular donations, in that we can all easily see the benefit to a child or family of having a PC, Internet and computer access. It should be right on the list with schoolbooks and shoes - but for thousands of families right here in Rome - it is not even a fleeting wish. We are working hard to change that. With your help. Help a child get a PC or offer to help in one of countless ways.

Whatever you have to offer - we will help you get it to someone who can genuinely benefit from the help. We will give you choices and the results will be very tangible...not a receipt stamped: Thanks for Your Support.