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    Tuesday, February 16, 2010    


For questions or information 315-292-7285 or Jerry@yeswedeliver.org

            My name is Jerry Lombardo. I am the Chief Volunteer of Yes! We Deliver, a small not for profit effort now located here in Utica, NY. We primarily provide free advocacy services to senior and disabled people, as well as, free grocery shopping and delivery, prescription pick-up’s & more; we also escort seriously disabled folks on shopping trips, doctor visits…all services are totally free to those who cannot afford them. More from our main page Yes! We Deliver, Inc.


They are an absolute necessity for our children.

Yes! We Deliver and People Across The Country Want To Help!


We are taking referrals and applications from any one in the area who can benefit, or knows someone who can benefit, from this outreach program. For now PC's are limited, but we are confident we will eventually match all accepted referrals or applicants with an appropriate computer.

We also have a few PC’s we loan while working to find parts to build a permanent replacement. In some cases, the person makes small payments that go directly to buy parts for their own PC - little by little - until they have a new computer and the ‘loaner’ goes to another home.

It’s like the user pays a small monthly rental BUT the entire amount goes to building their very own computer. No tricks or gimmicks. We just want people who cannot afford them to have computers. I call it our ‘computer co-op program’ - all non-profit - every penny goes to buying the parts. Labor is donated. Not to be confused with the PC’s we build and place totally for free in homes of kids and senior and disabled folks who just can’t afford a computer.

Computers for Kids is our attempt to help put PC's into the hands of school age children whose families otherwise could never hope to provide their child with the Most Powerful Learning Tool of the 21st Century. Most of these children wouldn't even dare put a PC on their Christmas or Holiday wish list. It's just not an option. These are the children we help....For Free

 ... and, these are the children You can help...


Here's the best part: We don't only place these PC's in the homes of eligible kids - WE FOLLOW UP.


We Provide Internet Access, Training, and draw up a Contract. Through email and facsimile we provide age appropriate assignments to sharpen and enhance skills needed to use the PC as a learning tool.


In short, we try to insure that the child actually uses the PC appropriately and truly benefits in an educational way.


The Personal Touch


Our Chief Volunteer officer is also a Computer Technician. He’s been tinkering for over 30 years – from two-way amateur radios to computer repair,

building and networking. He’s also an expert with Windows applications and other popular software.   


He approaches Computer Stores, Manufacturers, Businesses who are upgrading their systems, Computer Clubs, and many others- for Parts, Complete Systemsworking or notPeripherals (new, used). From Cables to Modems ----- we accept and use it all.

All contributions are completely tax deductible .

Including any shipping costs. Businesses cleaning out inventory? trade in’s? Upgrades? Put the old ones to great use – Help us HelpIt’s good Business **and It’s the Right Thing To Do.

We are all volunteer; no salaries, no stipends, no perks. In fact, we operate ‘out of pocket’ and there is currently no ‘income’ or budget of any kind.

This is changing and there is a large re-organization under way for late 2006.

Many good people have taken a keen interest in our efforts; our services will be growing and expanding as quickly as we can without losing sight of what we are doing and how we desire to achieve it.

            Even today, Many gifted, young children of low-income families simply cannot even hope to have a PC in their home. It’s just not a possibility.

Our first placement was to Alex, an 11 year old, truly intelligence gifted, boy who literally got excited at the prospect of using Microsoft Word to develop and write his stories. His excitement was not for games, surfing the Internet or playing music... He Just Wanted To Write and Save his stories. [His notebooks often got messed up which really discouraged him].

That was the beginning - we just can't sit by and not ‘do’ anything when we know there are so many like Alex who need and deserve computers.

Computers that many people today take for granted - these kids and families don’t even discuss the subject because it’s not a possibility.

Thousands of kids go to school everyday and sit in classes without their family being able to provide a computer at home; and they are expected to develop the same skills and master the same lessons as their classmates who grew up in homes that have two or three computers around the house.

 Unfortunately most people really don’t know or understand these things - and further - have no idea how to help. We give them several ways to help and, in turn, many people benefit. Truth is, we don’t do it - it’s people helping people and we are just in the mix.

Our aim is to change lives, with good planning, minimal resources and the Grace of God. We are not a religious organization - but we don’t hide the fact that we believe God, and His Grace, and He changes lives… not us.

            These kids aren’t looking to play ‘Pac Man’ or other games – they are trying to catch up to their classmates who already are sporting laptops and notebook PC’s. A PC today is a necessity and so many bright and deserving children don’t have one.

            We are not a big organization. We like to present ourselves as such sometimes to get things done, but the truth is we’ll only help five or ten kids this year. Next year maybe 50. That’s not enough.

            Donors have the opportunity to remain anonymous or establish contact with and correspond with the ultimate beneficiaries of their kindnesses.

You can really watch and see what your old computers, computer parts - even junk computers that no longer work - are turned into… and who they helped. [One day, with your help, and the support of the big manufacturers - i.e. Dell, Gateway, Microsoft, Compaq - we will begin placing brand new PC’s in these homes - for free or almost free].

            I do the work myself. No middle man, no extra fees. I’ll be supported more and more by other volunteers; and, even now, get lots of help and support from many.  I am retired [early], disabled, and do all the work right in my home. Additionally, I make sure there is follow-up. I teach how to use the computer, provide all the software, technical support and keep in touch with these grateful kids.

Thanks again for caring, and remember: Gratitude is an action.


 contact Jerry Lombardo Jerry@yeswedeliver.org


Yes! We Deliver, Inc. is a registered non-profit corporation serving people in need.


Copyright 2006 - Yes! We Deliver, Inc.
All Rights Reserved
Webmaster: Jerry Lombardo - Jerry@yeswedeliver.org

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Computers For Kids+(Plus!)

How Do You Do It? - How I Can Help?

Through the year I contact local businesses, churches, schools and others, to explain the need and present an opportunity for them to get involved and help. Same with Internet Websites – Message Groups – Computer Clubs - I make contacts and people are happy to help when they see what we are doing.

 ?Referrals and Letters concerning kids who need a PC are accepted from anyone, anywhere, in any form. We’ll find a way to place a PC in ANY and ALL homes where the need is true. JERRY@YESWEDELIVER.ORG


Call me or drop me ? a note via email. I’ll arrange to have someone pick up whatever you have and get you on our mailing list. All Items Are Tax Deductible, but More Important, Can and, Will Help Change some Lives For The Better.

Want to arrange to make a donation? ?Have some questions? A suggestion? ?WRITE JERRY@YESWEDELIVER.ORG

They are an absolute necessity for our children.

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Thank you for caring enough to look into what we do! 

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