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Fall 2007/updated September 11, 2012

We have been very Blessed and have more computers than homes or kids to place them with!

This is an unexpected, but welcome turn of events.

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Please - send me the name of anyone you know who could benefit from our efforts. There's no red tape; we do it very nicely, and the quality of the computers continues to increase as we receive more and more support Thank You All so much on behalf of many!

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The following are from old archives - I keep it anonymous.


Meet SDelivered! July 2007


S is a 50 year old disabled woman who lives in Utica, NY. S is a writer and is currently writing a book about the story of her life. Diabetes and other ailments led to S having some amputations. She is subsisting on basic disability income sources. Purchasing a computer is simply out of the question. Between rent, utilities, food, and transportation - I know such a purchase is impossible. I also know S is a faith oriented person. She is kind, gracious and unassuming - always winding up a telephone conversation with ‘Have a Blessed Day!’.

We got S an old Word Processor so she could stop handwriting her book, but it’s a dinosaur and we’d really like to help her get a real computer - complete with Internet Access so she can really do her research and fact checking properly.

S is, for all intents and purposes, ‘housebound’. Without help and much planning - her world is in a room. Let’s widen it just a little with a Computer and Internet Connection.

In Sharon’s own words:

"Thank You - and Have a Blessed Day!"

Sharon is having more difficult days with even more difficult ones ahead. Continuing surgeries and procedures - one day, I hope, her extended written works and words will appear on this site - as well as - if God Wills - on book shelves around the world. She remains in our thoughts and prayers.


Meet J and N Currently awaiting installation -we have everything.

J and N live with their mom here in Utica. XL/ is another ‘faith’ based strong and good woman. She and the boys were essentially brought here to this strange City and abandoned to fend for themselves. XL/ has more physical obstacles and illnesses than she’d care me to list. Never the less, she has raised two fine young men. XL/ works every day, every week, and every month as her health permits. She is caring and hardworking; but just can’t support her family with the skills and disabilities that challenge her.

J (the eldest) and N are bright and smart but really struggle in school because they don’t have PC’s at home. Continued Internet Access is a consideration and issue we can help with too - In Addition - to getting each of the boys a respectable computer to help get their grades up. And I know, personally, that’s no empty excuse from these guys! Schools and some teachers (fairly or unfairly) demand typewritten, well researched work - because of PC’s - It’s Expected! Believe me - their grades are suffering because of this single issue.

Meet E Waiting for Laptop - a Tower isn't practical for several reasons of mobility and comfort.

E is a middle-aged disabled woman who also lives here in Utica. E can’t get around much at all any more. Another victim of Diabetes, E uses oxygen, a walker, and needs assistance most 24 hours every day. She is a kind and simple woman who enjoys reading the Bible and can’t wait to get the freedom and independence a simple home computer can bring to someone who just can’t get around anymore. Between xtra costs for transportation, medications, and daily help - a PC is just a quiet wish.

If you could grant a simple, quiet, wish like this - but for a few computer parts - would you? Of course you would; and so will we. That’s why we are all here. Yes! We Deliver


It is important to say that none of these things could have been make possible without the help of many good and caring people... but most of all, it is all by His Grace, Our Heavenly Father, that this work is done.


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