More About Yes! We Deliver, Inc.

This is simply a page out of one of our old publications-The Colonial News- Date about 2002 Shawn Newman was the Program Director then; of course, our Director of Programs today is John Phillips who joined Yes! We Deliver, Inc. in 2006.

Yes! began making deliveries and providing services in Vernon and Oneida. Shawn [Newman] and I were blessed with a first rate mix of education, determination and love for helping people. It was a simple idea - donations from people that could afford it helped pay the costs for those who could not. We soon had the major supermarkets contributing a few dollars toward each delivery [for shopping in their store] and we never took any money for our work and time. We do this because we care and insist the same of our volunteers.

Well, our costs were still high and we had trouble meeting the costs of providing increasing deliveries and we looked to local business for support.

Response was overwhelming but all of a sudden there was going to be other people’s money involved and we had to slow down and actually begin to build a corporate foundation.


Shawn and I, however, after considered thought chose to forgo fundraising of any kind while we are waiting for the 501c3 process to complete. As a result grocery services have been available only in the City of Rome and only to a very limited number of people. All expenses still come directly out of pocket and this was greatly limiting.

Well, the New Year will be starting soon and we shall soon have our government recognition. We have modified our decision and have begun slowly reinstituting a larger area of service and accepting assistance on a limited basis.


This newsletter for example will reach 200 homes this Issue. We will also begin accepting stipends from Wal-Mart, P&C, Price Chopper, and others – in essences subsidizing free delivery for its senior and disabled customers. we are also looking at a site for an office and some supervised apartment housing. Yes! We Deliver, Inc.  is growing and so will the number of people we serve J.

Here is a sample of one of our flyer ads at Tops below:

Yes! We   Deliver, Inc

Free Grocery Shopping & Delivery from P&C in Rome!

Senior or Disabled Citizen? Can’t Make it To The Store Anymore?

Can’t Afford a Taxi or To Pay Someone?

We have been providing this free service to folks for years. If you are on a fixed income and can’t afford any fees…

There are none!

No Tricks, No Gimmicks

We are a non-profit corporation and we do this freely and with pleasure. We gladly accept a $5 donation from any who can afford it. This helps those who cannot.  

An interesting fact:

In its first two years, Yes! We Deliver served over 79 senior and disabled people. 50% of those were single/widowed women over 70 living of small fixed incomes – all of them often did without simple things like fresh bread, milk, fruit -  unable to do their own shopping any longer- and unable or unwilling to continually ask friends, relatives and/or neighbors. They just went without. The need was clear from day one. I speak of good, proud people. Folks that in their prime raised their own children, helped their neighbors and worked hard in job and community…our grandmothers, aunts, uncles, mothers and sisters.


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