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Some background


– Gerald Joseph [
Jerry] Lombardo, Shawn Marie Newman, & Yes! We Deliver, Inc.

As Founders of Yes! We Deliver, Inc., Shawn and Jerry had a few simple ideas and premises. Both of them in their hearts knew helping people was what they wanted to do with their lives. At the time, they also knew they had a lot of work to do in their own personal lives.

The idea formed itself. It is a very old one. Why not use their time to help others while helping themselves? They never wanted to be financially wealthy – they just wanted to live good and honest lives and not worry about the electric bill.

Well, that was more than seven years ago and I  can tell you very little has changed since then. They volunteer their time and resources to help others; through doing so, they have helped themselves and grown personally in so many ways. "We still don’t make any money", Jerry says, "and, yes!, we still have to worry about the Electric bill J - but we live rich and happy lives in ways that can’t be translated in dollars and cents."

"We are spiritually rich and genuinely blessed by God. We always have what we need."

Shawn and Jerry explain, "In the beginning, we mostly served senior   and  disabled people; we have now expanded to include serving the needs of children as well. Yea, we still have trouble paying the electric bill  - but,  frankly we’d rather worry about that than making payments on a new Mercedes or Lexus. WE are happy. WE help because if genuinely makes us feel good. It is not always easy, and at times, very it can be very frustrating – but we love what we do and will help even more people next year."

Yes! We Deliver, Inc.

"We Were Not Alone - Ever". We accomplished many things through already existing avenues...other charities, businesses, county agencies, state agencies, churches...the list is very long. Most of all it was the PEOPLE in those places that heard, understood, and took action when asked. And, of course, God, each step of the way, through His grace, protected and supported us. Jerry & Shawn

We'd like to, (and some day may) list every single person. Until then, we'd at least like to say just:

A few words about Audrey Moran

An important supporter (and early board member) of Yes! We Deliver, Inc., Audrey is a senior citizen herself. She is a remarkable woman of many talents. She cared for her family full time, worked in her career as a nurse (full time) and worked [and works] tirelessly to help those who need it through the Mission she founded - In Mission of The Christ Child - which has been located in Saint Peters Church for many years now. Audrey was a pioneer and innovator as early as the 1960's and 70's working tirelessly in State Hospitals with children everyone else had given up on. And there was and is so much more. Today Audrey's works include getting food and clothing to families who genuinely need it, as well as, thousands of hours she has dedicated to young mothers and their newborn children. Audrey also operates a food cupboard/pantry (also from the Mission at St. Peters), which serves hundreds of local, low (and no) income families in and around Rome and Utica.

Audrey is truly a remarkable woman with a large and generous heart. Certainly, this paragraph does not even begin to cover her works and Mission. For a more in depth look [removed] 

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Remember: Gratitude is an Action.

Only through serving each other do we become free.

Some Words of Wisdom from Mother Teresa Do it anyway

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