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The ORIGINAL idea was picked up by a well funded for profit group now I applaud their success.

The original idea was, and is, Simple: [and other efforts] exists to support and further the Program and services of Yes! We Deliver, a not for profit effort that provides free services to senior and disabled people throughout Oneida County, and sometimes, reaches even further.

Here is the way it was and is supposed to be:

The concept of  has been ‘on the shelf’ (and off again…) for more than a couple of years already (originally I continue to learn; good things take time, dedication, and lots of hard work.

Anyway, the concept of and is simple: To support the works and services of our non-profit organization by providing a Service to the Cities of Utica and Rome and the people living in them. First, it will provide Utica-Rome Businesses, Schools, and Organizations – a place for people to easily find them, learn about them, and communicate with them – all done over the Internet. All Free.

It will be a Premier Site. Definitive of all Utica and Rome. More important – the site will represent and show the PEOPLE of Utica-Rome. Not only does the Library [for example] get to be on the site – but also there will be information and links about the PEOPLE connected with, and behind the scenes at the library. Not only the Doctor, but the support staff, secretaries, receptionists…Not just the Fastrac Logo – but the clerks who are in our Utica Stores everyday…Not just the editors of the Newspapers – we’ll feature the delivery boys and girls and other carriers too…

…Not only Bus Schedules – but a virtual visit to the Bus Station. Meet the Bus Drivers and Dispatchers.  – Meet Your Police and Fire Department – Officer by Officer…all this and more. Each school is also represented with information and services to get the students involved. Really involved. The site strives to present vital information, as well as editorials on a regular basis to the people of our area.

Informative, Thorough, Responsive, Interactive. Complete!

Everybody Wins. Business gets a real positive bump in commerce and the city gets an informative, responsive, website.

People's use of the site has $ value in, and of itself to business and industry. 'Traffic' produces revenue. Even though the entire site will be free –no cost to local business for their pages - no cost or charge for users - those same local businesses and industries – the businesses and industries of Utica-Rome – will be encouraged by the resulting increase in commerce and, in turn, will support,, and the good works of Yes! We Deliver, Inc.

People in their own neighborhoods and community will support those promoted businesses which in turn supports the sites which in turn supports genuinely needed services to those communities.

It has been a tremendous undertaking. The website is only one small beginning step. After five solid years, and some unavoidable setbacks, we are still only beginning. We are not discouraged though.

Many Businesses and Organizations presented on the site – Professionally – FOR FREE – have advertising needs and budgets. They NEED to reach the good people of Utica to get out their own messages. These businesses and Organizations pay a great deal of money to achieve those goals (getting out their message)….AND the people of Utica need a place to know the daily Who - What - Where - of their City = INSTANTLY!

Each will be our partner!

Everybody Wins...

That is what we call



Remember: Gratitude is an Action.

Only through serving each other do we become, truly, free.


Some Words of Wisdom from Mother Teresa Do it anyway

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