A few words about Audrey Moran

An important supporter (and early board member) of Yes! We Deliver, Inc., Audrey is a senior citizen herself. She is a remarkable woman of many talents. She cared for her family full time, worked in her career as a nurse (full time) and worked [and works] tirelessly to help those who need it through the Mission she founded - In Mission of The Christ Child - which has been located in Saint Peters Church for many years now. Audrey was a pioneer and innovator as early as the 1960's and 70's working tirelessly in State Hospitals with children everyone else had given up on. And there was, and is, so much more. Today Audrey's works include getting food and clothing to families who genuinely need it, as well as, thousands of hours she has dedicated to young mothers and their newborn children. Audrey also operates a food cupboard/pantry (also from the Mission at St. Peters), which serves hundreds of local, low (and no) income families in and around Rome and Utica.

Audrey is truly a remarkable woman with a large and generous heart. Certainly, this paragraph does not even begin to cover her works and Mission. For a more in depth look here