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What Are The Latter Days?


Why are we so Blessed to live in them?


This is an all important question. In The Bible, and in most religious texts, as well as different religious denominations, we understand that there has been ‘A Plan’ {A Divine Plan} that prophets have prophesied about from the beginning of History. 

In short, Man’s reign on earth has ‘an end point’. As sure as God created the earth – mankind’s mortal dominion over it will come to a halt.  

There are many ‘mile markers’ and prophesies that are recorded and must come to pass first; and then just as in Noah’s time [when the earth was cleansed], – it will be cleansed again; though not through flood and the destruction of all living things. Our Heavenly Father pledged to never again unleash such a thing for it hurt His heart so…


This time, again, though there will be devastation and many woes, trials, and tribulations - culminating with the triumphant return of Jesus Christ  - which as prophesized will be “when all mankind will know The Truth…” – when all will bow a knee and know that there is a God, that we are His children, that we lived with him before coming here, and God Willing, we will return to Him after this mortal death.


Those who study The Bible and ‘have eyes to see and ears to hear’ know these things to be true [God Lives and there is ‘A Divine Plan’ which has been proclaimed and prophesied throughout time. The bitter debate comes in the details and many break off in different directions.

Now more directly, let me share more about Latter Days from

Last Days, Latter Days

See also Second Coming of Jesus Christ; Signs of the Times

The time in which we now live. The days (or dispensation of time) just before the second coming of the Lord.

  • I tell you what shall befall you in the last days:Gen. 49:1;
  • The Redeemer shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:Job 19:25;
  • In the last days, the Lord’s house shall be established:Isa. 2:2;
  • In the last days perilous times shall come:2 Tim. 3:1–7;
  • Latter-day scoffers shall deny the Second Coming:2 Pet. 3:3–7;
  • I prophesy unto you concerning the last days:2 Ne. 26:14–30;
  • Thus shall my church be called in the last days, even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:D&C 115:4;
  • Christ will come in the last days:Moses 7:60;

Now, not to confuse the subject, properly defined The Latter Days began with the beginning of the Restoration of The Gospel and The Church through Joseph Smith. There is some vagueness in my understanding as to the exact time the ‘Latter Days’ began but generally speaking, I might suggtest they began with the great reformation attempts during the beginnings of this great country [resulting in many Christian denominations and churches]. At the very least, those are the times that heralded in this last dispensation. Of course, 'properly' [by teachings of CJCLDS]The Latter Days are marked by the 1800’s when The Lord Called another Prophet [Joseph Smith Jr.] and began the full restoration of The Church with all its power and authority. – The Church of Jesus Christof Latter Day Saints



However, some times, as I refer to them, [and as many writers and scholars refer to them] I am actually speaking of today’s generation(s) – ‘The Generation of The Fig Tree’ which, properly speaking, would be referring to the ‘later’ Latter Days… times of great tribulation and trials before the heralding in of The Millennium and the triumphant return of Jesus Christ. 


The days spoken of in The Bible …  days of false prophets, tribulations, earthquakes in diverse places – leading to the time when the false messiah will stand in the holy land itself - proclaiming to be god. 


So let us understand and let us first see if we can agree that these are indeed The [Late]Latter Days – the days that were written about thousands of years ago… even before Christ’s mortal birth and resurrection. The days that will herald Jesus’ triumphant return; and yes, we are in the later, latter days of man’s mortal dominion over this earth


 The signs are clear – God is wise, good and just so He insured righteous men would know these things in their hearts would wait to be born into these very special times. Some of his greates, mightyest, and spiritually strongest would come forth by His Plan. Brothers and Sisters - this includes YOU. YOU have been chosen to live in these time and I testify to you - it is a great privlege - as well as a great challenge - one which you are ready for - were prepared for in pre-mortal existance. {Yes, too = we did live in a pre-mortal, spiritual, existance}.


Forgive me if you are new to this material; I urge you to research and read for yourself – check me out… see if what I say is as I say it is… I am not perfect, but it is hard to go wrong on these very basic principles and doctrines.


We are told we will know the last or latter days [for the purpose of this discussion] by events occurring around the world – earthquakes in diverse places, terrible natural disasters, a loss of morality in the masses.


We are also taught Jesus Christ will not return in His Greatest of Glory as prophesied until The Gospel is preached and available to all upon the earth – in every language [tongue], in every country. 


We are close.

We are also taught no man knows the exact time – only the season is for us to discern. People:

This IS The Season


Why are we blessed to be living in these latter days?


Now think about some of this – give it a chance to digest. All through history – our Heavenly Father – has been dispatching – His Spirit Children [WILLINGLY - we come of our own Free Will] from His presence [in Heaven] to be born into these mortal bodies.


It is a Great Gift and Blessing to be born of woman mortally upon this great earth – no matter what time one is born in to but consider further Please …


 What was life like through various times inHistory?

Well, in Adam and Eve’s time – we are taught that life was wonderful! Many of God’s greatest children were [I surmise] dispatched for their earthly lives in those times.

Later, however, when Eden became history, and ‘enmity’ in child birth was womans' plight on earth – as was man’s to labor and toil for food … because [by God's Command] the earth would give if freely no longer. I would say (of the choices) – probably not so great times and generations to be born into.


With none of the 'invented' things that came later … life was hard for the masses. It was a dark part of human history; very bloody for centuries and generations. I am not a scholar or historian, but research it for yourself – times of ‘Apostasy’, the ‘Dark Ages’, and more; were very difficult times for men and women. Survival took most of mans time and energies. Totally. [Nothing like today]. No modern medicine, no dentist, no ... any of what we have today. Our poorest and most weak - comparatively - live like kings and queens. Especially, in these United States of America!

I say shame on those who do not see how great this country is as its origins are clearly Divine [another story].


It remained hard [I understand life is always hard – whatever one’s lot but let’s keep it relative]; no technology, no tools, no democracy, no human rights.  Consider the Millions – Billions of SoulsBorn, Lived, and Died in the days between the beginning of Adams’ time, and then later, Jesus’ time. [Arguably another good and choice time to live and be born unto woman on the earth] and now = these latter days.


Why is THIS Time one of the choicest times to be born?

This generation and its greatness was built by all those past generations. WE reap the rewards of the Billions who came before us.  Finally, we have come to these generations [past 2-300 years]. Life on this planet – ESPECIALLY in the Blessed Country of The US – is incredibly different today. Life is easy by comparison. Does any reader think Technology was an accident? Do you think that Nicoli Tesla and Thomas Edison just woke up one morning and thought of electricity and light bulbs?


I can go on – does anyone believe, really, that the idea for transistors, radio, tv, computers, came from earth science?

So, I put it to you that these times are the culmination of a Divine Plan!

Imagine being privileged to live in the times when Jesus returns!

So, yes!  For the souls who get to live in these Blessed places in these Latter Days


they are very special, privleged, and blessed indeed.  THIS is the one of the best of the choicest times to live in of all history  1) - Adams’ time. 2) - Christ’s time. 3) –The Latter Days -The Times when Christ Returns.

To live in these times, to know the things we do, to understand the things we do, to live the way we do, to have the opportunities for learning the way we do,  … are all good and great blessings of God… all factors of being born into these very special times… these Latter Days. 


The world is becoming one – it is almost possible to speak to all of mankind at once! Because of technology the world is changing. Another fact The Bible reminds us about is that there will some kind of One World System in the days before His Coming. Never since the [known] world was the size of Texas has this been more possible for one system, or one group of people, or powers that be - to rule the entire world.


The World Bank, G12, Country Blocks, United Nations.

Many believe secret, behind the scenes, people of wealth and power – have already planned and are forming a kind of ‘one world system’ or ‘a new world order’. All these prophesized events, and more, are coming to pass in these very special generations.

 That is what I mean when I speak of The Latter Days


Why they are so important to us; why are we so privileged and blessed to live in them.


We must be prepared in ways few of us think about from day to day.


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