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Be Prepared*Be Ready*

Basic Ways To Help Yourself*Be Prepared*Be Ready

What is coming in the next few years?


I don’t know.

If I did, I am sure very few would believe me; but let me tell you what ...

I do know:

You don’t have to be religious to see and understand that what I say is true – regardless of my – or your – personal, religious beliefs [or lack of any]. This Wisdom is strictly within the realm of Common Sense with Verifiable claims and facts.[It is also, never the less, part of The Divine Plan of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father].


I want to state clearly that I am a believer in Jesus Christ. I believe, as the Bible teaches us, that we are, indeed, living in ‘The Latter Days’** [of man’s mortal realm on this earth]. I also believe that in these Latter Days, The Lord has sent to us more information about Him and our purpose here [and our own beginnings] in preparation for these final days (and His Triumphant return). Again we have a Prophet, The Priesthood, The Restored and Full Gospel, The Church has been restored with its full power and authority and continues to grow and organize around the world in preparation for His Triumphant Return and The (His) Millennium Reign.

**The Bible describes and defines as The Latter Days. You can read more here

You see, even if you are not spiritual or religious – it doesn’t take a genius to look at history, current events, the feel of the times – and conclude that the world is going to hell in a hand basket; and disasters are occurring all around the world. Natural Disasters, Man Made Disasters, Wars, (rumors of wars) Storms, Earth Quakes (in divers places) Pollution, Maniacal Rampages, UFO’s, Violence, On and On …and on.


What do you think the odds are of some catastrophe happening In Your City? in the next Two Years?

Anywhere in the world you might happen to be:

Very High!! .

So, now, to the point of Be Prepared and Be Ready - - Tell me:

What Will You Do When the Lights Go Out?

[and They WILL go out!].

Sooner or later.

 Think about it – think how intricate everything is that keeps our DAILY lives moving and going? What do these daily events depend on?  How FRAGILE is this system? Just How Dependant Are We On Electricity? Computers? Electronics? Gas and Oil?


What About The Supply Line for ALL THIS STUFF? IT ALL DEPENDS ON ELECTRICITY!!!! [and of course, PETROLEUM]


What Can We Do Today? [To Help Ourselves Tomorrow!]

After all, that is my immediate goal – To help you assure your own well being - to be prepared and ready when the time comes.

As INDIVIDUALS We Must be Prepared!

We can NOT depend on Government or even private organizations – there is just not the infrastructure - and their supplies will be EXHAUSTED Very Quickly ‘When The Lights Go Out’!

Imagine if you will – You drive to the corner store to get a quart of milk. You notice traffic lights are not working. As you pull into the store there are people milling around

What’s going on?

‘Power’s out’ someone says – the clerk can’t sell anything – no computers – no register' … - ‘nope – no gas’


You begin to panicHow much cash do you have in your pocket? I”I'll go to the ATM …. [funnyhow we forget so quickly….] –


‘But the stores are full of food!’ you think…  I NEED it….


Next, ... you learn this isn’t an ordinary outage

Maybe there was a storm


Maybe worse

Now What?

As a Mormon I have been taught to prepare – to be ready with emergency supplies of food, fuel, emergency gear, WATER – enough to keep going for up to 1-3 months if necessary.



EVERY able person should PREARE!

If you are the head of a family it is your DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to insure that your family is ready and prepared. And of course, we should help those who are not able to prepare for such things. If you are able, try and have extra - the older couple accross the street, the widow down the block. You can help too by spreading the word - wake up some people to the danger - these things will come to pass and so few will be ready.


Start Small.

3 months sounds like a lot of supplies! Expensive and a lot of work. [How much is your life worth? Your family's?]. However, I’d bet you don’t even have a weeks supplies on hand. Look, at the very minimum – you should have 3 days. At the bare minimum. And with grace, you will soon find that was very wise and you will increase it by ten fold!


This really is common sense isn’t it?

What Can We Do?

One these next pages here – you will find some practical recommendations, expert advice, and more on preparing your family for any coming disaster or hard times.


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